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September 26th 2019

Rhythm Biosciences’ cheap, effective cancer test could be a godsend to overburdened medical systems

Rhythm is seeking to replace the complicated stool test that is run by the Government to detect bowel cancer. The company hopes, through looking at 10 cancer biomarkers, it can tell whether or not a patient has cancer. Read more

May 17th 2019

Rhythm Biosciences: A look at development in medical diagnostics technology

ColoSTAT™ outlines the company’s first proposed product-in-development, which is designed as a first step screening test for the accurate and early detection of colorectal cancer, the third biggest cause of cancer-related deaths globally. The company has directed over 13 years of research towards the ColoSTAT™ technology and is now applying the significant product development and commercialisation expertise, seeking to take the potentially life-saving technology from the research laboratory into an in-market In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) medical device. Read more

May 13th 2019

Dr. Boreham’s Crucible: Rhythm Biosciences is ready to trial its hands-off poo test

Deploying know-how devised by the CSIRO, Rhythm is developing a non-invasive blood-based test called Colostat. If successful, the diagnostic could replace both the poo tests and – in many cases – follow-up colonoscopies. “The CSIRO had the test for 15 years but in typical CSIRO fashion hadn’t done anything with it,” says Rhythm chairman Shane Tanner. With ‘only’ four per cent of colonoscopies proving positive, hospitals with limited endoscopic facilities need to be careful how they allocate their resources. Read more

October 13th 2018

Rhythm Bioscience tackles bowel cancer with accessible diagnostic tool

Rhythm Biosciences Ltd (ASX:RHY) managing director & CEO Trevor Lockett speaks to Proactive Investors about the health company’s development of a diagnostic tool for detecting colorectal or bowel cancer. Read more

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